Pehredaar Piya Ki - पहरेदार पिया की - Ep 01 - 17th July, 2017

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Episode 1:
Padma is worried about the firm hold that thakurani has gathered on her son. She also asks Maan Singh to appoint a 'Pehredaar' for her son. Meanwhile, Ratan sees Diya for the first time and is charmed by her beauty. He follows her before asking her to marry him. What will be her reply? Watch to find out.

About Pehredaar Piya Ki :
Pehredaar Piya Ki is the story of an unusual marriage between a 9-year-old boy, Ratan Harshvardhan Singh and an 18-year old girl, Diya. Diya sacrifices her own dreams and wilfully gets married to Ratan to become his protector. While Diya takes up her duty of a wife and willfully commits to the relationship, Ratan is enamored by her beauty and considers her to be a pari from the fairy tales he has heard from his Maasa. Though being a miss matched couple, both create a comfortable world for themselves. While 9-year-old husband tries to cheer up his wife Diya with his cute gestures, Diya keeps up the promise to protect him and nurture their relationship. Will Diya and Ratan rewrite the pages of history with their love story? Is age only a number when it comes to finding true love? Watch the unfolding of a beautiful fairytale as Pehredaar Piya Ki presents the most unique Jodi on Indian television.

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